• 3 Free Tees every 3 months!

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3 Free Tees every 3 months!

Lightweight, 60% cotton 40% polyester, V neck and made to fit!

Super soft 60% cotton 40% Polyester blend, Crew neck and made to fit!

The Shirts

We've all gotten that free tee shirt at an event, you know the one that's as wide as it is long, it's uncomfortably heavy, rough cotton... One of if not the most important parts of FreeShirt was to create a tee that you would want to wear, a soft, fitted tee, and gosh darn if we've done it! Seperate mens and women's tee's that fit as they should!

The Brands

We work with the brands to place them in the correct category, so that if you select Wine as one of your categories you'll get shirts from Wineries or the like. The same will apply to all sorts of sports, food and drink etc.

We also help with the design, ensuring the shirts are always something awesome!

Launch Date

Our first shipment will be January 2020! 

Between now and then we'll be launching a new website and building our brand database.

You can help us by spreading the word to everyone you know!

Advertise with FreeShirt

We're pushing the limits of word of mouth advertising through street level branding and organic social media contests.

Let's team up and turn your customers into walking, Talking advertisements.

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