Custom, stylish FREE
tees every 3 months?

Yeah, it’s a thing.

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Brands pay for the shirts,
you pay the $14.99 shipping.

We send you 3 free shirts
every three months

No catch, it’s that simple.

Discover the new way to
shop t-shirts in Canada.

We’re partnering with brands across the country to bring you free shirts.

How do you
get FREE shirts?

Let us show you

1. Sign up and personalize
your profile.

After joining, select your size and choose 5 categories that match your lifestyle. By customizing your profile, you help us choose the right shirts for you.

2. We pair you
with brands.

At the start of each quarter (Jan 1, Apr 1, Jul 1, Oct 1), we match you up with three brands from your chosen categories, in your size, and order free tees for you.

3. Shipping and storytime.

At the start of the next quarter, the shirts are shipped along with an email sharing each brand’s story. Yes, a little patience is required but hey, they’re free!

4. Sit back
and relax.

Take the time to pat yourself on the back for shopping tees the smart way, while your custom, quality free shirts make their way to you.

5. Show off your new tees.

Be pleasantly surprised when your three free shirts arrive in the mail. Tell all your friends and watch their jaws drop with disbelief that your cool new tees were free.

6. Share on social and win.

Each quarter, you’ll have the chance to enter three new social media contests > with your three new shirts. We’ll send you the prize and entry details in an email. Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop.

So what’s the catch?
That’s just it, there isn’t one.

You pay for the shipping and we send you free shirts. You’ve probably still got a few questions. We get it, this is a revolutionary way to shop your style.

If all of this sounds too good to not get involved, you’re right. Join us today, your free shirts are waiting.

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